The Hedgehog family

is made of sheep’s wool in the technique of dry felting.  Hedgehog is a symbol of security, openness,

friendliness and joy. My story is about love, and care, about motherhood. The

hedgehog mother caresses his baby to himself, singing to him a gentle lullaby.

In a company with mother a lullaby a merry snail is singing. The composition is

an interior a basket of birch bark, leaves, raspberries and mushrooms are a

complement and will come to you along with hedgehogs. Cute animals are made

with great love and will give joy to its own. A toy made of wool is

hypoallergenic since it does not contain microorganisms that can affect

sensitive skin. A toy made of wool can not be washed , it is recommended to

clean the dry vacuum with a vacuum at the lowest power. It is 100% handmade in

a single copy.

Mom  size  –

height  - 6 inch , width –  4 inch ;

Baby  size  –

height  - 3 inch , width –  2 inch ;

Basket - height  - 12 inch


Snail -  height -2 inch, width –  1 inch

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