The composition "Squirrels" is made entirely of natural materials. The squirrel and its babys are made of wool in the technigue of dry felting. The tail and ears of the mother squirrel are decorated with natural fur. The composition is on a wooden stand decorated with moss.

The lenght of the stand - 10 inch, the width - 3 inch.

The nest of squirrels is made from bark of trees and branches. Diameter of the nest - 5 inch.

Squirrel height - 10 inch

Lenght of a babys - 3 and 2 inch.

A toy made of wool is hypoallergenic since it does not contain microorganisms that can affect sensitive skin. A toy made of wool can not be washed , it is recommended to clean the dry vacuum with a vacuum at the lowest power. It is 100% handmade in a single copy. 

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